Jan. 13, 2008

Senate Minority Leader Aquilino Nene Q. Pimentel,
Jr. (PDP-Laban) is set to file a joint congressional
resolution calling for the adoption of a federal
system of government but retaining the presidential

Pimentel said his proposal is to federalize whole
country that will include a BangsaMoro federal state.

The creation of a BangsaMoro federal state will
fulfill the aspiration of Muslims in Mindanao for
genuine autonomy. Malacaang believes this is the only
way to break the deadlock in the 10-year old peace
negotiation between the government and Moro Islamic
Liberation Front.

Under a federal system, Pimentel said the over
concentration of powers in the central government will
be eliminated and substantial powers will be
transferred to and exercised by the component federal

He said the perennial grievances of far-flung regions
that they are being neglected because of the monopoly
of power by imperial Manila will be a thing of the

Pimentel said he has opted for the retention of the
presidential system because most Filipinos would not
give up their right to directly elect the head of
government (president).

If a parliamentary system is adopted, the head of
government (prime minister) will be elected by the
members of parliament from among themselves.

Since the presidential system will stay, Pimentel said
there should be no apprehensions among the
presidential aspirants that the 2010 election may be

We are not abolishing the presidency. I think it is
important to state that right now, so that those who
are aspiring for the position are not unduly alarmed
that they may lose the chance to become president, he

Pimentel said the presidential set-up he is proposing
is similar to that of the United States which has a
presidential-federal structure. The structure and
powers of the federal states will follow our own
version not those of the US.

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