Philippines orders lowering of all OFWs fees in Rome

Jun. 04, 2007

ROME (via PLDT)—President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ordered Sunday the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to lower all fees being charged by the Philippine Embassy in Rome to overseas Filipino workers in Italy.

The President issued the directive during a meeting with members of the Filipino community here at the Fontifico Collegio Filipino, attended by OFWs from all over Italy, including Milan and Florence.

“I have ordered the DFA to lower passport renewal rates from the present 65 Euros to only 50 Euros, and the reduction of fees for affidavits and notarization from 32 Euros to only 25 Euros,” the President said to the loud cheers of some 300 Filipinos working here.

The President also announced the decision of the Italian government to automatically grant an Italian drivers license to all Philippine drivers license holders.

The President said this was the result of her negotiations with Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi and President Giorgio Napolitano during her visit here on June 26 last year.

“This will open up more opportunities for Filipino workers in Italy especially in the transport services,” she said.

The President said the Philippine government would continue to seek better pay and other benefits for Filipinos working abroad.

“This is in recognition of your huge contribution to the Philippine economy,” she said.

Filipino workers in Italy have remitted some $600 million out of the $13 billion total overseas remittances last year.

There are some 20,000 Filipinos in Italy. (OPS) (

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