Philippines bares new high-tech way of removing election posters

May. 17, 2007

MANILA — Immediately after Mondays peaceful elections, the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) started to remove unsightly posters, streamers and other campaign materials that dotted numerous areas, including posts and walls, in the metropolis.

And the MMDA has found a staunch ally in the Department of Science and Technology (DOST which has come up with an enzyme and detergent-based solution considered more effective than the MMDAs commonly-used vinegar-based poster removal solution.

DOST Secretary Estrella Alabastro bared this at the taping this afternoon of “The Cabinet Speaks” at the New Executive Building in Malaca?ang, hosted by Press Undersecretary Martin Crisostomo and DWIZ radio reporter Aileen Taliping.

Alabastro said that a month ago, MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando asked her if she could find an alternative and more efficient method to help the MMDA remove election campaign materials in Metro Manila after the May 14 polls.

Alabastro said she promptly contacted Biotech, a government research institution based at the University of the Philippines in Los Banos which produces enzymes for different kinds of application.

Dr. Francisco Elegado, head of Biotechs Food, Feeds and Specialty Products Program, said they locally produced the enzymes amylase and cellulose and mixed it with calcium chloride to produce an active enzyme-based solution that is more effective and non-corrosive than the vinegar-based solution.

Alabastro said the enzyme-based solution costs about P4 per liter. Biotech has also come up with a detergent-based solution that costs only P1 per liter.

She said the DOST would continue to make its programs relevant to the daily lives of the people and would provide the MMDA with the instructions on how to use the enzyme- and detergent-based solutions to help them in their cleanup campaign. (OPS)

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