Nograles’s Kalahi Using Lumads in ‘Smear Campaign’ Vs Anakpawis, Others

May. 07, 2007

Kalahi, the group of Karlo Nograles, the son of Davao City Rep. Prospero Nograles, has been accused of allegedly using Lumads to discredit Anakpawis and its allied partylist groups, calling these groups, as well Jeppie Ramada, who is running for councilor of the third district under Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s party, of being communists.

Below is a news release from Anakpawis.

Marilog, DAVAO CITY–Anakpawis Party-list today called administration-funded Kalahi Party-list a cheap cheat for using indigenous people and tribal warriors to discredit the progressive party-list.

In a Kalahi-sponsored all-tribal leaders meeting here last April 30, chieftains Joel Unad and George Mandahay claimed that Anakpawis is a communistfront and that voters should think twice in voting for it. Unad also accussed Jeppie Ramada, Bayan Muna-nominated and Hugpong sa Tawong Lungsod guest bet for councilor in the third district, as a communist who, if voted in the council, will fund arms and ammunition to the New Peoples Army.

Karlo Nograles, Kalahi’s second nominee and Prospero Nograles’ son, spoke as guest during the meeting.

An indigent recounted how an armed Bagobo clad in a Scout Rangers uniform drew an x across Ramadas handbill and another who crumpled Anakpawis handbill during the meeting. Dihang gi-saway siya sa isa ka supporter ni Jeppie, gidukol hinuon niya ang babaye ug niingon nga, Ikaw pud, komunista ka, (When he was told off by one of Jeppies supporters, he jerked the supporters head and said, You, too, youre a communist.) said the indigent.

In a separate meeting in Toril earlier last month which the same indigent also attended, Unad cautioned those who were present not to vote for Ramada and Anakpawis.

Editha Inday Duterte, Anakpawis-Southern Mindanao spokesperson, decried what she calls smear campaign against genuine sectoral representation. She said that aside from being devoid of legitimate representation, Kalahi is also committing the foulest offenses that the COMELEC should seriously investigate.

Late last month, Kalahi was discovered to have been distributing insurance cards, movie tickets, food provisions and P50.00 to voters, which is tantamount to vote-buying.

Kalahi is desperately using all means possible to secure a seat in Congress. We are furious that they resort to brainwashing our indigenous people in order to discredit Anakpawis. Worse, they also employ tribal warriors to harass people against voting for progressive partylists and candidates like Jeppie Ramada that genuinely serve the interest of the people, she said.

Duterte once again challenged the COMELEC to investigate Kalahis violations of the Omnibus Election Code.

If the COMELEC fails to see this gross vote-buying and rule that Kalahi be disqualified, then the party-list system will never work for the advantage of the genuinely under-privileged sectors of the country but only for those who have the blessings of the administration or backed by rabid Arroyo-allies such as Nograles, Duterte concluded.##

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