New group of US Peace Corps volunteers arrive in Philippines

May. 17, 2007

MANILA — Last Saturday, May 12, a group of 64 new U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers arrived in the Philippines. This group of volunteers will work with U.S. Peace Corps development programs in education; coastal resources management; and children, youth and family.

After three months of intensive language and technical training, the new group of volunteers will spend two years living and working in Philippine communities in Luzon and the Visayas. The volunteers will:

o Teach English language and computer technology alongside Filipino teachers in Department of Education high schools and Commission of Higher Education universities and colleges;
o Work with local government units to develop, implement and monitor coastal resource management plans; and
o Teach literacy and life skills to marginalized children and youth, and improve organizational capacity in Department of Social Welfare and Development-accredited centers.

The U.S. Peace Corps has enjoyed a close and fruitful partnership with the Philippines for almost 46 years. The Philippines has become a very popular place for Peace Corps service not only because of the beauty of the country but also because of the close relationships and partnerships formed, and the willingness of the Philippine people and organizations to work closely with Peace Corps Volunteers.

This group will be the 266th group of U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers to serve in the Philippines and will add to the contributions of the more than 8,000 Peace Corps Volunteers who have served in the country since October 1961. (US Embassy/PIA)

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