• IFI BISHOPS MEET IN MAKILALA TO HAMMER OUT POSITION ON ISSUES Bishops of the Iglesia Filipina Independiente (IFI) gathered at the Montaa Mountain Resort in Makilala, North Cotabato, on Sunday for its annual meeting of the Supreme Council of Bishops.

    The council, which concludes tomorrow, May 9, is expected to come out with its position on issues such as Charter change, political and church repression, and large-scale foreign mining.

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  • GREENPEACE REPORT REVEALS THE IMPACT OF TOXIC CHEMICALS ON REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH Heres a bit of bad news. Greenpeace released today a report called Fragile: Our Reproductive Health and Chemical Exposure which said that falling sperm counts, rising infertility, and genital abnormalities in babies could all result from exposure to hazardous man-made chemicals used in perfumes, carpets, electronics, clothing, and a host of other consumer goods.

    The report, which can be downloaded here, presents evidence from peer-reviewed scientific studies undertaken in the past several years and establishes the link between the decline in human reproductive health and our exposure to hazardous chemicals. Together, the studies show for the first time a comprehensive picture of an increase in reproductive health disorders, mirroring the rising presence in our lives of man-made chemicals.

    The link between exposure to man-made chemicals and reproductive disorders in humans, as indicated by a growing body of scientific evidence cited in the report, is extremely disturbing, especially if you take into account that many man-made chemicals, often with hazardous properties, are produced and used human beings every day around the world. said Greenpeace Southeast Asia Toxics Campaigner Beau Baconguis. (0) Permalink

  • In his blog, Davao Today editor Carlos Conde asks: Did the Left weaken because of Batasan 5? Why did the Arroyo regime arrest them in the first place? (0) Permalink
  • In his blog, Davao Today editor Carlos Conde says that by refusing to pass the wage-hike bill and by using the peoples money to try to appease the workers (and earn political points in the process), the Arroyo administration is not only pleasing companies and employers twice it is mocking the workers twice. (0) Permalink
  • Amid looming oil shock, Shell blackmailing RP govt

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  • News analysis from Ibon: There is no shortage in the global oil supply but intense speculation is again increasing international oil prices. The unjustified oil price increases in the world market thus highlight the urgency to locally regulate the pricing of oil products and implement centralized procurement (0) Permalink
  • The human-rights group Karapatan continues its verbal attacks against the military in the wake of the surrender of the suspected leader of the bandit group terrorizing the residents of Paquibato. Kelly Delgado, the groups spokesman, said the TFD should stop arming Lumads. (0) Permalink
  • Bayan Muna Rep. Joel Virador says Environment Secretary Angelo Reyes is missing the point on the inherently anti-Filipino and anti-environment Philippine Mining Act of 1995. (0) Permalink
  • In observance of Earth Day, representatives of mining-affected communities and mining disaster victims from Rapu-rapu, Albay; Rio Tuba, Palawan; Didipio, Nueva Vizcaya; and Boac, Marinduque, gathered with Roman Catholic and Protestant church leaders, personalities and over 200 multi-sectoral environmentalists to press the Arroyo government to repeal the Philippine Mining Act. (0) Permalink
  • iPod NanoThe iPod, Apples trendy MP3 player, is now beginning to attract attention from thieves, says an advisory from Pacific Strategies & Assessments, a risk-consultancy company in Manila. The iPod was made famous by the ohs and ahs it generates (mostly from those who dont own one), which explains its high market value for thieves, that is. PSA reminds iPod owners to avoid flashing the thing in public. Sacr bleu! (0) Permalink
  • Check out the blog of the Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace: A Conference of Asian Bloggers, Podcasters and Online Media, a three-day meeting of Asian bloggers, podcasters, and independent online news providers. The conference, which is held in Manila, runs until tomorrow, April 21. The blog features the materials speeches, presentations, etc. presented at the conference. (0) Permalink
  • The Pasaka Lumad Confederation, a large Lumad group in Southern Mindanao, is demanding a deeper investigation into the atrocities in Paquibato District, saying that the surrender of Commander Dante does not solve the problem in the area. (0) Permalink

  • Bayan Muna praised a Davao Court for ruling that the groups petition against the Davao City Water District should be heard in a trial. (0) Permalink
  • Senator Aquilino Pimentel said he was pleased with the ruling Supreme Court ruling invalidating Executive Order 464, while Bayan Muna Rep. Satur Ocampo called it a victory for the people. (0) Permalink
  • Last week was the fourth anniversary of the Pangyan Massacre, in which six people were killed after Cafgus and soldiers fired at a Lumad wedding in Marilog. Karapatan, the human rights group, held a picket today. It said a statement: This is a sad day for the Pangyan massacre victims who now join the thousands of peasants killed in the course of the Arroyo regimes counter-insurgency campaign. (0) Permalink
  • Randy David, the sociologist and activist from UP, spoke yesterday at a forum organized by the Initiatives for International Dialogue. In various parts of the country today, he said, social activists are being ruthlessly murdered. The more we allow this to happen, just because we do not share the social class or ideology of the victims, the more brazen the use of the states coercive power becomes.Read Davids speech. (0) Permalink
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