MIGRANTE hails upcoming launch of global migrants’ alliance

Jun. 03, 2008

The largest alliance of Filipino migrants’ organizations lauded the upcoming founding assembly of

the International Migrants Alliance (IMA), the first ever global formation of grassroots migrants’


The formation of the International Migrants Alliance in Hong Kong this June will signal the

awakening of the sleeping giant, that is the worldwide im/migrants’ mass movement, declared Migrante International chairperson Connie Bragas-Regalado.

Migrante is among the lead conveners of the IMA.

Regalado said the formation of the IMA comes at a time when migrants, immigrants, refugees and displaced peoples of the world are confronted with increasing attacks on their economic and political rights.

She said migrants worldwide now number to over 191 million and comprise three percent of the world’s

population. In 2006, Regalado said, migrants generated 276 billion US dollars in total global remittances with more than 206 billion US dollars channeled to developing economies.

MIGRANTE International joins the multitudes of migrants the world over in welcoming the upcoming

launch of the IMA. We look forward to sharing inside the global alliance the treasure trove of lessons and

victories of the Filipino migrants’ movement; and more importantly, contributing our strength to the

surging global migrants’ mass movement.

To the IMA we say, Full speed ahead! Regalado concluded.

The IMA’s founding assembly will be held in Hong Kong on June 15-16, 2008. To date, there are 121

individuals from 97 organizations and 24 countries worldwide who have confirmed their attendance to the

historic event.

Aside from MIGRANTE International, the IMA’s co-convenors include: Turkish group called

ATIK-Europe; Migrante-Canada, Migrante-Europe; Migrante International in the Philippines ; May 1st

Coalition for Immigrant Rights-USA; Philippine Forum-USA; and TENAGANITA Malaysia .

For Reference, pls contact: Connie Bragas-Regalado, 0927-2157392

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