HALAL TRADE EXPO. Marilou Ampuan, founder of the United Islamic Center Foundation says Davao City will be holding this year’s Halal Trade and Tourism Expo on May 5 to 7 to showcase Halal food and non-food products and services. (Earl O. Condeza/davaotoday.com)

DAVAO CITY, Philippines – The Universal Islamic Center Foundation is set to exhibit Philippine Halal Trade and Tourism Expo this coming May 5-7 in a mall here.

Marilou Ampuan, founder of the UICF said the expo will be showcasing halal food, products and tourism related services. Ampuan said Halal service, in relation to tourism, will not only cover food but also information on mosques, schedule of prayer, education, lifestyle and banking.

Aside from the tourism services, the expo will also showcase Muslim attire fashion show. To cater the 200 expected delegates of the expo, Ampuan said they will tap Halal-certified establishments in the city.

With the theme, “Aggressive development and promotion in Halal Business and Tourism Industry: Moving towards change in the Philippine market,” the expo aims to make Halal establishments to be publicly known.

Ampuan noted that not all certified halal restaurants are being known to the public.

“It is still hard to support the market because not all are aware of the certified restaurants,” Ampuan said. “(And) if we talk about Halal, it is hard to consider 100 percent.”

As of now, there are eight hotel and restaurants that are Halal-certified. Ampuan said these establishments will be tapped to be to part of the Halal tourism services in the coming expo.

The Bureau of Muslim Economic Affairs of the National Commission on Muslim Filipinos processes applications for halal certification.

The Bureau aims “to promote and develop the Philippine Halal Industry and accredit halal-certifying entities/bodies for the utmost benefit of Muslim Filipinos and in partnership or cooperation with appropriate agencies, individuals and institutions here and abroad.”

The event will be held at the Abreeza Mall.(davaotoday.com)

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