Photo from Nuts Online ( CITY ( — Some may think it was bound to happen: banana chips that taste like durian. The Davao provinces, after all, are known for their bananas and their durian. Wouldnt it be nice to fuse — fusion chips! — the flavors of the two fruits?

It gets better or worse, depending on your taste.

There are 11 other flavors aside from banana chips caf with durian jam: cheese, barbecue, glazed bits with sesame seeds, chocolate, strawberry, caf espresso, twin berries, glazed banana fries with sesame seeds, sweet and spicy, chocolate strawberry half dip, and what the trade department calls the Davao trail mix made of banana chips, dried mango, green peas, peanuts, and coconut flakes.

According to the Department of Trade and Industry in Southern Mindanao, the technology to flavor the usually bland banana chip is now available to any interested entrepreneur.

Banana chip products have been one of the top-earning exports of the Davao region for years already, said DTI regional director Merly Cruz. And based on our discussion with some of the exporters, we have learned that some of their clients are already asking them to produce flavored banana chips.

The target market, she said, are young consumers, particularly students, who prefer junk food because of their flavors.

The development of the 12 flavors comes after Davao City chose banana chips as its main product under the governments One Town One Product program, which aims, according to the DTI, to promote small-and medium enterprise development and entrepreneurship. (To those interested, call the DTI at (63-82) 224-0511 local 411.)

The City Council has passed a resolution requiring banana chips to be sold in all school canteens. (The nuns at the Assumption school in Agdao, where junk food and soft drinks are banned, should be happy with this development.)

Banana chips from the Philippines, according to Cruz, are one of the most sought-after products in such countries as the U.S., Japan and China. Ironically, these are largely taken for granted in the local market.

The 12 flavors should change all that. (

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