Councilor Wants to Ban Text Spamming

Apr. 26, 2006

DAVAO CITY — Davao City Councilor Pilar Braga is pushing for the banning of text spamming due to mounting complaints from consumers.

Owners or users of mobile phones are complaining that they have been subjected to unsolicited text messages, which consisted of promotional and marketing materials and passed on to consumers without their (consumers) consent, Braga said.

Text spamming is defined as the sending of unsolicited commercial communication, notifications, alerts or any other forms of inappropriate communication to users of mobile phones. Braga said spamming has a detrimental effect on the mobile messaging industry as a whole and as such unsolicited messages should not be condoned.

Braga said she is urging the City Council to come up with a resolution to regulate and restrict content providers from sending unsolicited promotional materials, alerts, or notices, whether they are directly from the telecommunication company or other industries who have entered agreement with telecommunication companies.

Braga also urged the three Davao congressmen to look into this matter and sponsor a bill in the House of Representatives banning text spamming. (Philippine Information Agency)

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