Bayan Muna urges solons to join protests vs. terror law

Jul. 05, 2007

Davao City Bayan Muna urged here today the City Council of Davao to join the peoples protest against the implementation of the Anti-terror Law or the Human Security Act saying the members of the City Council are all bound to safeguard the fundamental rights of the people and to uphold the supreme worth of democracy.

Everyones safety is at stake under the Human Security Act where expressions of dissent, assertion of rights, and a simple statement that opposes government stand can be subjects for suspicion and criminal accusations, Bayan Muna Southern Mindanao regional coordinator Jeppie Ramada said.

Even more dangerous are the extents of the laws application which are vague, irrational, and can not be justified by any implementing rules and regulations of the National Security Council, Ramada added.

The ambiguity of HSA is a known fact to Gloria Arroyo and her security advisers even before it was enacted. Now that they have admitted the loopholes in it, they can not deny the fact that they know less about HSA and they can only do less to control the damages it will do to our people and our nation, Ramada lamented.

Bayan Muna also enjoins Mayor Rodrigo Duterte to oppose the implementation of the Human Security Act and to hear the concerns of the church people, media, and the progressive groups who are the most susceptible targets of this anti-people imposition.

What is clear about the Human Security Act is the danger that it poses in the lives of the people and the objectives it sought to serve not against terrorism but for US military dominance in the Asia Pacific Region, Ramada stressed.

Ramada recalled the bombing incidents in Mindanao and other parts of the country which all happened at height of the protests against the implementation of the Visiting Forces Agreement and the enactment of the Human Security Act.

We have time and again asked the people to be critical about the security measures that our government is implementing. It is about time that the Local Government Units take a stand that conforms to the peoples will and that serves to protect the best interests of the people especially the children, Ramada ended.

Bayan Muna will file a Declaratory Relief to defer the implementation of the Human Security Act and will push for its repeal at the start of the 14th Congress.

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