There is a need to step up protests to condemn these killings. All forms of protests must be undertaken to expose the state policy of repression.

  • Intensify protest actions against political repression. Launch widespread protests and information drives. Whenever there is a reported killing, a quick reaction team (QRT) must be mobilized to hold an indignation protest. A picket rally in front of the Department of National Defense (DND) or of the camp where the alleged AFP unit is based may follow days after the incident.

  • Hold fora and other forms of educational discussion in schools, offices and communities. Discuss the current state of human rights and the Oplan Bantay Laya.

  • Write letters to the editor, leaflets. Create stickers, button pins and other visual propaganda and multi-media presentations that will articulate our call for justice and an end to these killings.

  • Get the support of institutions (i.e. Church, local government unit), organizations, personalities and individuals. Link up with other victims of repression. Encourage them to speak against these killings. Launch joint activities with them whenever possible.

  • Appeals before international human rights watchdogs is also important to exert pressure on the regime. Write letters to as many international organizations as possible.

  • More importantly, we must struggle for the immediate removal of the fascist US-Arroyo regime. It is her desperation to stay in power that incites this slaughter of political dissenters.

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