2006 Worst Year for Human Rights in Davao Regions — Conclusion

Dec. 03, 2006


Karapatan holds the AFP through its Commander in Chief Gloria Macapagal Arroyo responsible for all the atrocities and further attacks against the progressive organizations all over the country specifically here in Southern Mindanao Region. Combined with extrajudicial killings, the legal offensives against the national and local leaders of progressive parties and people’s organizations are more than harassment.

Knowing the dreadful human rights record of the Macapagal-Arroyo regime is one fundamental reason why Mrs. Arroyo must be removed from office. Certainly, killings, disappearances, political persecution and attacks on our civil liberties have been prevailing for five and a half years of the GMA regime. Such is the alarming situation of the Philippines under an undeclared state of martial law.

Thus, KARAPATAN, along with its members and allied organizations, joins the Filipino people in demanding for Arroyos removal from office, which is a step towards justice. KARAPATAN likewise express solidarity with the Filipino people who have all the right to rise up against a cheat and a human rights violator.

The next government should have an agenda for meaningful reforms with a bias for the pursuit of justice and human rights if only to correct the decades of injustice wrought on human rights victims and the people at large. Recognizing that sovereignty resides in the people, the peoples voice and sovereign will to establish a just and democratic social order must reign supreme.

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