Kadayawan’s annual floral parade, also known as Pamulak sa Kadayawan, is a showcase of creativity witnessed by those who brave the heat on the streets of Davao.

Thousands of people flock Roxas Avenue to witness a floral float parade. (Kenneth Paul Senarillos / davaotoday.com)

Like those durian fruits sold on in the city this year, some of the flowers used by the floats don’t come from Davao. One of the participants told us that majority of the flowers they used were sourced from Luzon and Visayas.

Couples Rafaelita and Angel dela Merced of International Pharmaceutical Inc. celebrate as their learn about their win. (Kenneth Paul Senarillos / davaotoday.com)

This, while the government describes the event as a parade of florally-dressed floats that exhibit the abundant vegetation of Davao region. But no one on the streets of Davao on Sunday, August 20, bothered to ask where the flowers come from. They stood, marvelled, and took pictures.

International Pharmaceutical Inc.’s float lands first prize in this year’s Pamulak sa Kadayawan. (Kenneth Paul Senarillos / davaotoday.com)

After all, beneath these flowers are messages that represent aspirations of the people.

The Moro National Liberation Front’s float tells a message against war in this year’s Pamulak sa Kadayawan. (Kenneth Paul Senarillos / davaotoday.com)

Messages that catch everyone’s attention.

This float made of flowers showcases unity and hope. (Kenneth Paul Senarillos / davaotoday.com)

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